Our Work and Expertise


CHRE has delivered on a range of end-to-end healthcare projects, including problem identification, stakeholder mapping, data collection and analysis, and recommending innovative and practical solutions.

Our range of research projects with partners and collaborators across the world have a common theme: using robust methods to come to practical scalable solutions. e.g. our multi-stage research in the UK has systematically identified the bottlenecks in achieving a Smoke-free UK, and is enabling us to propose targeted interventions that can make a difference on the ground.

An example of our research can be found here.

Reclaiming Stolen Years

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Stubbing out Smoking in the UK

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COVID-19: Risk of increase in smoking rates among England’s 6 million smokers and relapse among England’s 11 million ex-smokers

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At CHRE, we believe that innovative solutions- from the fields of Behavioural Economics to Artificial Intelligence, have a key role to play in enhancing the likelihood of success in preventing cancers.

It is well established that the current available smoking cessation tools and services on the market achieve sub-optimal success rates. Our deep global insights into consumers and their healthcare influencers’ behaviours allow us to think outside the box when it comes to proposing interventions. These innovations straddle diverse areas such as edge computing to nicotine replacement product development.

Quitting tobacco in India: The Yin-Yang of Nicotine affordability

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Artificial intelligence based tools for early oral cancer screening

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Innovative nicotine replacement products

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At CHRE, we pride ourselves in understanding the knowledge gaps in converting policies into practice, and providing interventions that can address those unmet needs in healthcare delivery.

Covid-19 has surely been challenging for all, and though we have now hopefully crossed the peak, we will be seeing its implications for many months to come. Not just due to the physical illness itself, but also due to its effects on society’s mental health and resultant increased addictions.

Healthcare professionals will continue to consult significant proportion of patients remotely for many more months or years to come. We are aware how busy healthcare professionals are and we also know that it is important to support smokers stay away from cigarettes for better longer term health outcomes.

Quit During Covid-19

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Our Resources

Quit During Covid-19- a support tool for clinicians to give their smoker patients

Self help tool for smokers to quit smoking & ex-smokers to prevent a relapse back to smoking.

Helping your patients 'Quit During Covid-19'

Aide memoire for busy clinicians